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                      Guangzhou building style and pattern of the model

                      文章來源:admin人氣:發表時間:2017-04-22 10:31:59

                             Building model is divided into several from the production, such as residential model, commercial buildings and residential and commercial an organic whole, guangzhou building model of different architectural styles have different forms, chongqing model design, through the model of visual can live scene, business scenarios reflect incisively and vividly, presents the functions and characteristics of the building. Nature cannot leave the family show, the residential model family monomer model, model of family model is for the sake of customers can be more clear understanding of family structure, in the process of design and production, to be kept at least two Windows, the customer can see the layout of the inside through the window, the za door model the design is mainly aimed at villa, if it is on the top of the building dish door model can be directly used without a way to understand family structure from above.

                            Building model targeted is very strong, in the production according to it when the audience for the key features of the building. According to the object of building dish to sell quality show, will be different for each of the demanders of expression, in view of the working class will from the preferential price, transportation, reasonable structure, etc, for the wealthier group is more need to highlight its comfort, elegant environment, such as Fang Chenglai show, for investors to profit from the project's degree to show can bring more profit to investors.

                           Model making hotline: 18818860668, guangzhou HaoJing architecture model co., LTD has model world high quality and high level of building model, and experienced, skilled environment landscape architect and lighting designers, to create value for the customer's idea, with the tenet of quality, service to win the market, sincerely hope to cooperate with the social from all walks of life, to create a successful, create brilliant.

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