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                      The core technology of sand table model

                      文章來源:admin人氣:發表時間:2017-04-22 10:31:45

                            As a part of the production company, the sand table model of nanning co., LTD. Technical manager of art model Xie Gong said, sand table model of the company's core technology is not the equipment is advanced, and is the producer of comprehension of the model.

                           Different sand with different materials, different production technique of expression, the equipment is dead, and thought is alive, that's what today's most model company failed to understand the realization of area, many companies have advanced equipment, but not the aggregation talented, because most of the companies profit, no long-term goals and vision, enterprise without soul, good technical personnel have no place, because of the enclosed thoughts, make a lot of model sand table model of the company without the spirit, is like a very ordinary commodities, at best, just can use, so to improve the quality of sand and sand table model display artistic charm, the key lies in cognition and comprehension of sand table, wish the boss and designers in the sand table model industry, change your thinking, create a sand table model of the soul, like Xie Gong used to say: we make not only the model, more important is we in casting the soul of art! Art model company built at the same time to thank all the designers have artistic soul, building art of each piece of art has the thought of you, your perception of art, our common efforts, build art model will go further!

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