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                    1. Welcome to HaoJing construction website!

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                      HaoJing building model

                        Guangzhou HaoJing building model design co., LTD. Is a collection of building model design and production, which integrates professional model company. Since its inception uphold industry model for the best idea, draw lessons from international advanced model technology absorption and innovation, the company will actively explore model making craft and technique of expression, aimed to design a bid, architectural design, landscape and other industries to provide the best micro forms, promote the development of architecture industry level.


                      Guangzhou building style and pattern of the model2017-04-22
                      Building model is divided into several from the production, such as residential model,
                      The core technology of sand table model2017-04-22
                      As a part of the production company, the sand table model of nanning co., LTD. Technical
                      What kind of model to calculate the correct model?2017-04-22
                      I think, at least, the correct model should be tested fully. In addition to "validate", should
                      Model design2017-04-22
                      Model design [1] model design using the model to carry on the design idea and design scheme. Model design contents include

                      • cs5
                      • cs4
                      • cs3
                      • cs2
                      • cs1
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